The design of the kitchen should be made in mind that this may be a universal communication place, extending the space -making possibilities. In a combination with Your other home furniture, maintaining the integrity of style and bringing individuality and originality of the possibilities.
The planning of home cooking should be anticipate the future of specific jobs and rightly place lighting, sockets, water and vapor extraction points.
It is also important to plan cupboards and drawers purpose so that future work in the kitchen would be comfortable and pleasant.
Today Your kitchen is provided with wide opportunities. In aspect of materials and technological, comfort and ergonomics we offer You convenient location, a complete withdrawal capacity drawers with adaptive braking system which  is responsive to a drawer weight and closing force of gravity, regardless of full or empty, or contact between the strongly and easily pushed – thanks to unique „BLUMOTION“  system locks it gently and gradually.Complete withdrawal benefits are obvious – all the content is seen as the palm of the hand and can be easily achieved.

We offer kitchens from these materials:
•    A popular and practical choice – kitchen of the MFC is very different shades of the spectrum. Edge glued PVC or ABC bar, furniture surfaces are pressed particle board, laminated high-pressure laminate, the thickness of the choice of 38, 40, 50 mm.
•    For those who love and can make courageous decisions, we offer kitchen furniture of MDF: it is painted, lacquared wood dust plate.
•    Those, who like the classics, we can produce furniture from natural wood.
•    An interesting solution for the kitchen – furniture made from natural veneer texture, choosing suitable colour and right combination to the other interior details.

All this is Yours and our possibilities and fantasies within.